b. 1986, HK.


"My name is Charlotte and I am a Graphic Designer based in York. I believe that reliability, simplicity, good dialogue with clients, and above all, hard work are the key things which create  strong, enduring and significant design."



/ I specialise in brand identity design and illustration. I consider design as a process believing that through research and exploration, the right solution will present itself. 

From a young age I have always loved drawing or making things and have always felt a sense of achievement in seeing my work progress. From winning the Easter drawing competition in the Primary times magazine, to completing an A Level in Fine Art. I have always found a sense of motivation and fulfilment from creating something.

There was a day at primary school where I got told off for drawing in my squared paper maths book, creative activities were always much more exciting for me and I was certainly not going to be a mathematician.

I had never properly studied Graphic Design before I began university, but my creative interests enabled me to grasp the subject rapidly. I started to apprehend the importance of design and why it had always had a great impact on me: Design is at the core of everything.

I enjoy drawing and reading in my spare time, I appreciate how significant sketching is to the design process. Travelling has always been exceptionally important to me, I like to visit as many places as I can whether that be in England or Europe. My favourite place which I have visited so far is Kraków in Poland which was the most beautiful city I have ever been so lucky to explore.