My name is Charlotte and I am a Graphic Designer based in York. I believe that reliability, simplicity, good dialogue with clients, and above all, hard work are the key things which create  strong, enduring and significant design. 


My Story

I specialise in brand identity design and illustration. I consider design as a process believing that through research and exploration, the right solution will present itself. 

From a young age I have always loved drawing or making things and have always felt a sense of achievement in seeing my work progress. From winning the Easter drawing competition in the Primary times magazine, to completing an A Level in Fine Art. I have always found a sense of motivation and fulfilment from creating something.

There was a day at primary school where I got told off for drawing in my squared paper maths book, creative activities were always much more exciting for me and I was certainly not going to be a mathematician.

I had never properly studied Graphic Design before I began university, but my creative interests enabled me to grasp the subject rapidly. I started to apprehend the importance of design and why it had always had a great impact on me: Design is at the core of everything.

I enjoy drawing and reading in my spare time, I appreciate how significant sketching is to the design process. Travelling has always been exceptionally important to me, I like to visit as many places as I can whether that be in England or Europe. My favourite place which I have visited so far is Kraków in Poland which was the most beautiful city I have ever been so lucky to explore.



''Charlotte approached the RWAF in July 2015 offering her services in graphic design.  This happened at a good time for our organisation as we were in need of some new posters to share our welfare messages.


Since then Charlotte has produced several posters for us, Christmas cards and a calendar.  She has also worked on some educational materials to be used in schools and most recently provided the design for a book that will soon be published for sale.  We are very happy with the originality, clarity and attractiveness of her work, her willingness to adjust ideas to meet our needs and her enthusiasm for these tasks.  Our welfare messages are about the needs of rabbits, and Charlotte has invented and developed two very different pairs of graphic rabbits to illustrate our messages, they are clear, easily recognisable and very easy to associate with the RWAF.


We would recommend her for her skill and flair and also for her very good work ethic.  An organisation working with her would be very pleased with the designs she produces.''

Ros Lamb


Volunteer Coordinator and Fundraising Officer

Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund