Back To The Past: CO-OP Rebrand

Out with the new and in with the old would be a perfect way to describe the recent CO-OP rebrand which has returned to its distinctive clover-leaf logo from 1968.

Alongside the classic logo which so many people can relate to and remember, the identity is supported by a more vibrant, lighter and brighter blue than the darker colour scheme of the previous branding.

CO-OP Branding from 1968

CO-OP Branding from 1968

The CO-OP rebrand had a huge impact on my own project: Sainsbury's Everyday (featured in my portfolio). When redesigning the Sainsbury's Basics packaging I spent days and days trying to find incentive and it wasn't until I found some photos of 1970's packaging that I became motivated.  It was around the time I of the CO-OP rebrand, whose story really inspired me with my own design work: 'maybe Sainsbury's Basics could too, revert to something which has already been before?.' 

the co op-01.jpg

The new (or should I say old) logo is surprisingly much more modern looking and slick compared to the previous outdated logo which had an overly corporate and convoluted approach. Sometimes it's important to look back in order to move forward and this brave move by the CO-OP portrays confidence in who they are, who they want to be and how far they have come.

The previous logo was rather unfruitful and often didn't work across the multidisciplinary platform which the CO-OP has today. For example, in the previous identity, CO-OP Funeral Care was branded in the exact same way, but with a different colour. I could never apprehend why CO-OP did this, as funerals are about helping people through distressful times and I would never associate that with a supermarket.


The new logo has brought the CO-OP as a whole, back to the future. Reverting back to the name that everyone uses to describe them was a great touch, it's almost giving the general public what they want. It's an extremely recognisable symbol which has a hint of nostalgia whilst still looking incredibly modern and confident. The new bold identity really lifts the recognition of CO-OP, their stores are now looking fresh and modern in comparison to the perceived garish and distasteful look before. 





Charlotte Parker