My Design Space

I have always felt the importance of having a space which is fresh and clear to work in.

Since moving into my flat I have been in pursuit of transforming my spare room into my design space. Somewhere I can work but also relax and gain inspiration. There are still a few things I would love to change and will hopefully get round to it in the new year, for example I think I would prefer a small sofa rather than a bed.

It is the perfect room for me, it's bright and the sun shines through the window the majority of the day. I'm excited to show you the photographs. 


So here is my desk. As you can see the bed is on the left. This is something I would love to change to a sofa / sofa bed to make the room more spacious and also so that I have somewhere to sit and gain more inspiration. I absolutely love hints of pink, and it's important to choose colours and themes that make you feel relaxed and calm. 


Why have floating shelves when you can have floating baskets? I loved this idea and feel it works really well. I wanted something minimal and a bit different, something to make the room interesting and add my creative touch to its walls. 


Small prints I bought for just 70p each! I love the small hints of pink and their abstract shapes!

Charlotte Parker