Crowne Plaza

This project was set by D&AD, I was challenged to breathe new life into the dated Crowne Plaza brand to allow the company to appeal to a younger audience.

Design /

I wanted to take the Crowne Plaza brand into a fresh and stylish direction. I chose a rounded Sans Serif typeface in order to contribute to the brands new progressive image. 

The emphasis on the 'Crowne' was to emphasize the luxury and high end feel of the brand. I removed two of the three ribbons to just one. This was my take on staying true to the Crowne Plaza's heritage.

To appeal to a younger audience I added a series of illustrations to the brand. After researching the architecture of different Crowne Plaza buildings I noticed that each one was unique. Some were really modern and simple. I felt this was a key factor in shaping the identity as the appearance of the buildings themselves represent old and new. I love the idea of the old and intricate representing Crowne Plaza's well built reputation and new representing the new younger and ambitious business travellers to come.

The illustrations are bespoke to each hotel and would be used in marketing circumstances and on material such as email templates, posters and in the hotels themselves.