I was challenged by world renowned design house PriestmanGoode to envisage a new Asian based long haul budget airline.

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Design /

I began the design process by evaluating in high detail different low cost airline providers. After I had done this i started to look at the more high end carriers in contrast to the budget options. 

Kūki was formed after a large amount of research looking into a variety of different cultures. I wanted to create a brand which was unique and at its core fundamentally Japanese with a European style twist. I felt that this blend of culture would be a key factor in shaping a strong sense of identity. Something which I felt would b very important to help it stand out from the crowd amongst the many other low cost carriers. 

The colour scheme represents the bright lights of Japans, with the contrast between the lime green and blue being an imposing and instantly recognisable part of Kūki's brand image. 

Project Deliverables /

Brand identity Guidelines. Size A4 landscape.