Objective /

Playscheme is a family run company with a wonderful reputation with over 20 years' experience in creating inspiring bespoke outdoor play areas for schools, nurseries and public places.

Their bespoke products are manufactured in their UK based workshop in York.

One of the many responses have been that, though Playscheme is popular and does extremely well the identity lacked authenticity as a premium product but also lacks direction of a company which designs specifically for children.

The bradd objective here is to sever the identity of the business and create a brand which focuses on quality but also reflects the fun and innovative play behind Playscheme's product range.

Design /

The design process started with evaluating the current logo and analysing what works and what doesn't work. The logo went through  different stages from exploring options to simplifying the existing logo. The goal was to simplify the brand and make it appealing for the appropriate audience. it was important it appealed to parents / teachers and parish councils but also had the element of fun to reflect the products too.  I selected a bright and bold colour palette.  I particularly liked the contrast between the green and the pink - this was something Playscheme had previously used but I decided to brighten this to make it stronger.

Rounded edges, fluid organic texture and space were the consistent element across the visual guide.