Sainsbury's Everyday


A re-branding project that aims to identify the essence of a defunct or dying brand and transforming it into something with a completely new direction, whilst still staying true to its soul.

Design /

I re-branded Sainsbury's Basics into something which would appeal to a wider demographic. I crafted a new, simple and modern solution which features a colour coordinated system and an illustrated image on the right hand side. It was important that the product still looked like a value product but the overall design made it more visually appealing to a wider demographic. Throughout all my initial research many people said they would 'not buy Sainsbury's Basic's due to the fact the quality of the packaging most likely represents the quality of the food itself. I wanted to steer away from this opinion.

Project Deliverables /

  • Brand identity Guidelines. Size A4 landscape.

  • Printed prototype: Cornflakes box

  • Printed prototype: Can labels